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Free Time

When you got free time utilize it. Being unemployed I find myself with a lot of free time. I was beginning to think “damn I don’t do shit!” As of 2 weeks almost 3, I’m becoming a monster. I’ve been finding out the capabilities and drive I really have. Everyone wants to do something or be like someone, when you free time, work on something that is going to benefit you. I always said to myself I’m going to do this and that but a lot of the times I wouldn’t. Something has gotten to me and now I’M A FUCKEN MONSTER! I have become infatuated with my performance and results, that now I WANT MORE!!!! And I will not stop until I reach perfection!
So when you got free time do something you want to do, if you do it enough and see results maybe that will make you do it more constantly.


Kate Upton’s Sexy Carl’s Jr. Commercial


Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey plays a wicked violin and I feel this is going to catch on sooner or later cause this sounds amazing, and she dances very well.

Luck or Fate?

So I always thought growing up and even till now, “Is there such thing as luck?” I always heard the expression “it was ment to happen,” also. So is it luck or is it fate? I recently have been asking myself this question because I feel like I have a luck charm myself. Before I explain myself let me give you a luck theory I had as a kid.

Back in the days when I used to play for my middle school basketball team I had a new pair of Jordan’s that my brother bought me for the season. I wore those shoes all season long. Our season was great, never did I feel I had a bad game. I wore those Jordan’s all the way till the championship game. On the day of the championship game my brother bought me a new pair of Lebrons. I wore them for the championship game…. And we lost. Never had I felt like I played such a shitty game. I wonder even till this day, would we have won if I wore the Jordan’s? I mean Jordan won titles! Lebron… Well he still hasn’t won a title. Maybe it was fate or maybe I had a luck charm and just blew it. That game and thought bother me still, but I look past it.

Now, I’ve recently gained what I think is a good luck charm. I don’t want to say what it is cause I don’t want to jinx myself if it really is. Since I’ve had this charm with me I’ve felt like I’ve had things go my way and I have had success in doing some things.

However, is it luck? Or was it fate? The stuff that happened in my favor may have happened because I worked hard or did the right thing or talked to the right person or just played my cards right. It’s a concept that we may never understand or truly figure out but arguments for both sides can be endless with stories of support. Now I don’t want to incorporate God because the idea of a superior being will just make this discussion endless. So I’m sticking with the two: luck or fate? What do you think?

An Idea About the Afterlife

Rabbit Herding Sheep

I enjoyed this video very much. For some reason I wanted to continue watching this whole video.

Story time

The dog crossed the road and was hit by a car but surprisingly nobody cared about the dog cause it “got around” if ya know what I mean?  So this dog had so much swagg it could make almost any living thing wet.  

The End

My Late Night Ladies Rant

So a new thing I’ve come to add on here is my late night rants. I tend to speak about family, friends, feelings, and thoughts. The one thing I haven’t talked about yet… ladies! Agh… everyone has their problem with the ladies. So what’s my deal? Let’s see, let me break it down. I had one chick, lost her, got with a different girl, while being led on by a third girl. Okay so now the problem begins. I still had feelings for the first chick, didn’t really like the nice girl even though she liked me, and knew the third girl was going to continue with the “leading me on” shit. So I thought, thought, and thought and finally came to a decision. I stopped talking to the nice girl and now she hates me (I knew it was coming). I slowly started checking the vitals on my relationship with the first chick, and cut the third girl completely out because I knew that shit was going nowhere. The end result was… well the first chick and I are still the same. I led the nice girl on trying to forget about the first chick, and didn’t continue talking to her because I didn’t want to date her, and I don’t talk to the third one because she likes to lead people on and go nowhere with it. Man, the ladies nowadays are really slick. I need to forget about all of them because it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know how many actual people read this stuff but I’d love to hear your own stories. If you happen to be a female, let’s hear your shady men stories.

Odd Future x Qubic Store “Two Dudes” Shirt

The World in a Drop of Water

I thought this image was awesome and simple. Created by Marcus Reugels