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Converse “Glow in the Dark” Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse has recently released these new glow in the dark chucks. These are some dope shoes if your going out dancing. If you want to get yourself a pair they are available here for only 90$. With the link you can even customize them more.


Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey plays a wicked violin and I feel this is going to catch on sooner or later cause this sounds amazing, and she dances very well.

Odd Future x Qubic Store “Two Dudes” Shirt

Converse Holidays Ultimate Chucker Commercial

This is my kind of commercial.

Olivia Munn 2012 FHM Cover Shoot Video

Oh how I love Olivia Munn, she was the main reason I wanted to try and work for G4. Now she has moved on 😦

So sexy, so cool.

Nike WMNS Force Destroyer Jacket

Feiyue “Attack of the Werewolf” Video

I didn’t know what this was, but it was actually pretty cool. Check it out. I want these shoes now if they are going to glow!

Adidas Bull Commercial

Derrick Rose is one of my favorite players to watch right now in the NBA, here is a new commercial of him and his new shoes.

Puma Tatau Mid Gortex L

It’s been a while since we uploaded our fashion section so, here are these badass pumas!

Good thing is they are fuckin’ dope!

Bad thing is they are fuckin’ expensive!

Available now at Caliroots!

Adidas and Star Wars Join Forces