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I Need Advice

Everyone can use a little advice and motivation. I wanted to find some advice for myself so I decided to look online if anyone can help. I wasn’t really impressed with the way things were handled. So I’ve decided as a new installment here at betteroutlook, an advice area. I’m willing to be anyone’s life coach or simply a person to hear you and give you advice. I check this blog everyday so you don’t have to wait long for a response. I’m willing to work with anyone who feels they really need help. Free of charge. All I ask of you in return is to just understand I am not a professional therapist or professional life coach. For this, I am simply being a friend. I am interested in the thought of possibly being a life coach later in my career because I feel I have the ability to thoroughly analyze situations. So if you are interested or feel you need advice on anything leave a comment. If you are shy you can personally email me at

Remember friends. I am not a professional but I am more then willing to hear anyone’s problems and be their to give my advice.