Skrillex “Bangarang” EP Review

After having one the best year’s any musician can ask for, Skrillex has took a lot of heat and hate but yet has had a lot of love and success. The arguments on whether or not Skrillex is a good DJ can go on forever. I like the guy as a producer, but when it comes to DJing I don’t think he is up to par. His previous EP’s were dope so how did Skrillex do on his latest one?

Well let’s just say he has seemed to hit his roadblock on this one.

After listening to Bangarang, I am sad to say I hated it. I liked 2 of the 8 tracks.

So let me begin with why I disliked this EP. First of all the feeling that this is supposed to be dubstep is not there. It seems as if he has just made tracks to crazy and all about bass. Skrillex always had his own sound and he stuck to it, but this time was just a bit over done and boring. I hate to say it but this is the kind of dubstep kids in middle school and high school play. Obviously that’s going to sell, but what happened to that originality? The entire time, I just had a very difficult time listening to each track. I wish he can make similar tracks to “Reptile” or “Ruffneck,” the tracks on the EP however just seemed to be something he wanted to put out there for fans. Remixes that he did are better then just about every track on the EP, which is sad.

The most awful track had to be “The Devil’s Den” feat Wolfgang Gartner. This seemed like a clusterfuck of noises and a few mishaps that they didn’t feel like fixing. I expected more from Gartner because he has been making great beats, but this was just not good.

The only songs I would recommend hearing is “Breakin’ A Sweat” which samples The Doors and “Kyoto.” Sadly “Kyoto” was also a bit annoying to listen to because of Sirah who was rapping on that track.

So what do I give this EP?


I was extremely disappointed when listening to it. I felt like all that defending I would do for the guy was now shot down and I was proven wrong. It really sounds too mainstream for what was once supposed to be an underground genre.

I know I will have people agree and disagree but oh well. If you want to explain your outlook, please do, we would love to hear it.

For those wanting to buy it here it is on itunes.


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