Studying. The Good, The Bad, The Bullshit


Midterms, midterms, midterms. I fucking hate midterms the most. The only positive thing about midterms is that your at the middle of the semester and just 8 more weeks till your out of shitty school. So for the past two weeks I have been studying like crazy. Let me explain my recent schedule. I have a quiz every week worth 100 points for astronomy. It consists of reading one chapter of the book. So starting last Saturday I had to do a quiz and midterm for astronomy. After that I had to prepare a outline for my speech due Tuesday. Wednesday which is today consisted of 2 exams for my biology class. Tomorrow I have a midterm for speech, then starting Saturday it’s my weekly fucking quiz for astronomy. Then come Tuesday I have to present my speech, Wednesday is another test in biology.

So where am I getting with all this shit? Studying. Is studying worth it? How much do I hate studying? Well let’s see, studying is worth it. However when your a fucking genius like the kid in the picture, then it’s not worth it and just a waste of time. If your in a class you know you can bull shit through then don’t study! Fuck studying and go play some video game, listen to music, or get laid! Another time that studying isn’t worth it is when your asshole piece of shit idiot teacher gives you a study guide and nothing is on your test that was on the study guide, then I recommend you say fuck studying.

Only time you need studying is if your about to fail a class, which is the case for me in 2 classes, need to make mom and dad happy by bringing home A’s, or if you are trying to go to a nice college or transfer to a nicer one.

Overall review on studying…
10/10 when your up shits creek
1/10 when your passing and a genius
3/10 when you don’t mind about what happens and are somewhat knowledgable.


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