Your Parents

Now I know a lot of kids hate their parents and think they are the worst people in the world, I can’t justify they are not but this post is for those people that get so annoyed and tired of their parents. I’ll be the first to admit that I feel like that sometimes, but there’s a few things I and everyone else needs to remember. Your parents love you. They do a lot of things to keep you safe and if it wasn’t for them you’d probably not have a roof over your head or even a device to read this. Over time everyone in life gets old. It’s sad but it’s just the way things are. Children need to be there to help their parents when the time is needed. I mean they did watch over you when you were sick or when you were to young to know anything.

What I’m trying to mainly get it with this message is appreciate the time you have now with your parents and even brothers and sisters. Cause life is short and time flies. No one ever knows what can happen the next day. So go about each day showing some kind of affection and kindness or appreciation to your family. Tell them you love them, even if they make you go shovel horse shit right after.


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