Sony Thanks Me in This Amazing Ad

Sony, I’m proud to be part of this incredibly well-produced ad you’ve put together! The shout out at the end meant a lot coming from all of my favorite gaming heroes.

On a more serious note (even though I had to do a double take when it said “Michael”), this ad is the coolest ad I’ve seen in years. It has so many cool Playstation (exclusive or not) franchises all in one place. Props to the team behind this.


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  1. AWESOME!!! was it honestly devoted to u? is dat u in the pic?
    they need to devote one to Joshua haha 😛

    • Of course it isn’t actually me! 🙂
      I just thought it was funny that it was my name. Amazing ad nonetheless. Sony really nailed it.

  2. wouldnt it be cool if it was though. they did the characters really cool

    • Yes the characters were very well done. Getting the original voice actors to do the lines for the real actors was a brilliant move.

  3. lol cole, “he brought out my good side”. lol drake trying to chat up lightning. lol sackboy playing chess and much more

    • Yeah it was all the little stuff (and big stuff) they nailed. Did you Chell from Portal jump out of a portal in the background?

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