Fuck School!


Fuck school! I hate it! Listen up kids and teens and everyone else! If you got some unbelievable talent in something then do that for a living, fuck school! You should go to school for high school cause the shit is fun but after that make sure your exploiting the shit out of what your good at. If it’s gaming then go join some gaming league that will pay you! If you got some crazy athletic body then do some kind of sport! Join porn, make some fuckin’ stupid ass video on YouTube and become famous. School just takes your money. I know a guy who is a high school drop out and makes more being a salesman then people with degrees. The only way I will support going to school is if it’s your desire and your passion is gained from attending it. Like a doctor or teacher or lawyer. Be sure you meet cool people but I bet that if you had a choice of becoming rich off your natural talent or learning something for years to then become somewhat wealthy, well I’ll let you decide which one to pick. I guess the right thing to say is go to school kids, everyone needs an education. Mainly make sure you take advantage of the skills and traits you were born with. If anything take a few classes each semester and don’t overwhelm yourself. Maybe it’ll be worth it later on but your youth will be gone before you know it. As for me I want to give a big FUCK YOU to school!!!!! Yeah I know I might catch some heat for this but oh well. If you want to leave a comment go for it.


Posted on September 28, 2011, in Random Shit. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. You sound like Tyler the Creator 😛
    I get what you are saying, school does suck now, but most people need to succeed.
    There are the odd cases where someone doesn’t graduate and then becomes a CEO, but that doesn’t happen to often. I’d say the people in school have a better chance of succeeding, even though not everyone does.
    School is more of an experience in my opinion. It may show you what you wanna do like it did for me. I hated biology after last semester so I dropped that.

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