Wolfgang Gartner “Weekend in America” Album Review

After listening to “Weekend in America”, I was a little surprised to see the artists performing in the songs produced by electro house DJ Wolfgang Gartner. Gartner included Eve, Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Will.i.am, and Omarion. I tried listening to the Hip Hop artists being used, but just couldn’t get into them as much as I’d like. I like the song “Forever” featuring will.i.am, but the songs with Eve and Jim Jones with Cam’ron; I couldn’t help but think, “I wish this was just instrumental”. It’s cool he is incorporating Hip Hop artists but sometimes the two shouldn’t be mixed. The beats produced make me want to dance, not sing along with Jim Jones and Cam’ron talking about bitches. I love the sounds that Gartner produces but the rappers straight up ruined it. Luckily his whole album was not Hip Hop incorporated. The rest of the tracks are sick, just like we expected them to be. In the end Gartner delivered! My favorite tracks would have to be “Shrunken Heads”, “The Way It Was”, “Still My Baby” (if it were without Omarion), and “Cognitive Dissonance”. Overall “Weekend in America” gets a 7 out of 10. If your looking to buy it, here is the link to itunes.


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