Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Survival Trailer

This looks like a combination of horde and zombies, except there is no zombies and no monsters. Gears of War 3 is doing something similar by being able to fend off waves of enemies and buying items to help, like turrets, sentry guns, air support and all that good stuff. Can’t say I won’t get this game, because I am. However it will be tough deciding whether I want to play this or Gears of War 3.


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  1. This comes out in mid November and Gears is out September 20th. You’ll have time for both.
    It looks okay, I’m just so sick of every Call of Duty looking exactly the same.

    • I’m not sick of it. I love it.

    • I ain’t sick, only ’cause I properly started playing CoD last year with CoD4. Really just looking forward to the MP.

      • Yeah then you have a legit “excuse.” I don’t get how they can play something year in and year out with something that only changes slightly. I’m not saying they are wrong but I don’t really get it.
        The only CoD single player I liked was Black Ops. All the others weren’t so hot in my opinion.

      • It’s like sports games man, ppl buy those every year and there are slight changes. Maybe every once in a while there will be some major ones but ppl just want to play newer stuff.

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  2. I know what you mean. Sports games confuse me even more, mostly Madden. The other sports seem to have cool changes every year while Madden just gets stale.
    I know they want newer stuff but they come out pretty frequently. If I played CoD like most people, I would have been sick of it even faster.

  3. Awesome video dude! And for those interested in the multiplayer, I found this great modern warfare 3 multiplayer guidebook available for download here : Just cannot wait for modern warfare 3 to come out now that I have some cool multiplayer tactics under my sleeve.

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