Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ – “Hell: The Sequel” Review


Bad (Royce) and Evil (Eminem) haven’t teamed up in true form for the first time in a long while. Getting signed to Shady Records must have sparked the decision to finally go back and release a duet EP. It’s a good thing they did.

Hell: The Sequel isn’t a very long EP but the quality is still in tact. Eminem still has his lyrical quality that is unmatched. Keeping up with Eminem must be hard, but Royce has the ability to do just that and have a great, unique sound. They finish each other’s lines and have some insane metaphors and funny rhymes that make every song a joy to listen to. I didn’t even get some of the lines until a second time through the album, which shows a strong, complex flow and lyrics system. There aren’t that many guests on the album, but the few present destroy the microphone as well. I’ve always liked Slaughterhouse and all their verses are great, with Crooked I stealing the show.

Production is tight on the EP as I could not find a song I did not like. Songs differentiate themselves from each other and, more importantly, sound good. Mr. Porter, Eminem, and Bangladesh are some of the well known producers and they do not disappoint.

Saying Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ made a great album is like saying the sun will rise tomorrow. It’s obvious but a good thing to see. Hell: The Sequel is a damn fine teaser for (hopefully) a future, full length album. I just hope they get to it soon.


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