Hot Games of E3: Bioshock Infinite

Ditching water for something more breathable, the next Bioshock game takes place in the sky. Besides that obviously pointing the next installment being in space (fingers crossed), Bioshock Infinite looks to be a step forwards for the series by looking completely new and doing some compelling things with the narrative.

Your character Booker DeWitt is an agent tasked to find a woman named Elizabeth in the sky world of Columbia. That sounds a like a cool free trip but Columbia has seen better days. Opposed to the first two Bioshock games where you visit where the crap has already hit the fan, you are getting the Columbia just as the turd is hitting the fan blades.
The people are crazy and they aren’t helping the fact you need to save this woman. She has powers too, so she isn’t like Sheva from Resident Evil 5 (ya know, a complete liability and pain in the ass). She can use her powers to fetch you cover or ammo and seems to be learning her powers while she is on the journey with you. There was also some weird time travel where the tried to revive a dead horse but instead went to the 1980’s and saw a Star Wars movie playing in the theater. That needs some explaining.

The relationship between Booker and Elizabeth is the coolest feature to me, as it seems to feel real and emotional. You care for her, she cares for you and it seems genuine. I love games that try to make you feel certain ways and have good character relationships and Bioshock Infinite looks like it will fit the bill in this regard.

While the shooting and powers (now called vigors) are also inventive and fun, the story elements look to be above most other games, if not single-handedly raising the bar. I’m definitely counting down the days to where this game releases on PS3 (with Move support and Bioshock 1 right on the disc), Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC in 2012.


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