Hot Games of E3: Batman: Arkham City

This game may have Batman’s name in the title, but surprisingly, he isn’t the only playable character. Teased from the beginning, Catwoman is now playable, visible in the gameplay above. She has similar counters and punches to ol’ Bats, but they all have her stylistic Catwoman flair. Scratches and kicks will only get you so far, and to differentiate herself from Batman, she has the whip, to trip or disarm foes, and the ability to lay traps. She also doesn’t have detective vision so the gripping stealth parts might play out a bit differently. The developers have more to reveal about her in the coming months leading up to the October release, so she sounds to have a lot more left in the bag to get excited about.

Batman seems to have tweaks to his already solid combat but it looks to retain that classic feel. That’s completely fine as Batman has the best brawler combat system out there. Yeah I said it! He’ll have some new gadgets and new mechanics but this E3 they seemed to focus on Catwoman’s feature.

A good surprise to save for the show, as a new playable character is almost always a plus. I literally can’t wait for this game so I’m trying to avoid as much as possible to keep things fresh. The game is coming on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC in October (2012 for Wii U). It seems so far away!


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