Katy B – “On A Mission” Album Review

On A Mission by Katy B has to be one of my favorite albums of this year. I first heard of the beautiful Katy B last summer when her single “On A Mission” was listed on the UKF video updates. The album was released on the 4th of April this year. It has great producers that I am a HUGE fan of, such as Benga, Geeneus, Magnetic Man (a combo of Skream, Benga, and Artwork), and Zinc. It was number 1 on the UK Dance Chart and reached number 2 on UK Albums Chart as well as the UK Download Chart.

Like in many albums there are always one or two songs that you always skip because you don’t like. The songs on this album are all catchy and not annoying to hear multiple times. I often find myself singing her lyrics at random times through out the day. Out of her 13 songs, I did not find one that I had anything negative to say about. My favorite is a tie between “Power on Me”, “Katy On a Mission”, “Movement”, “Witches Brew”, and “Lights On”. The stories she explains range from her relationships to dancing and feeling the music.

For her first album I must say she did a masterful job. I recommend this album to everyone! If you are a fan of subtle Dubstep mixed with electro pop style then you will love this album even more.

In the end I have no complaints on this album. It was simple, laid back, and cool. It could go from a serious mood to dance mood easily. The great production was definitely a plus.

I wish I could meet her one day, maybe ask her out also. The only complaint I have is that her demand for a tour here in US isn’t high enough to get her to come on over. Hopefully one day she will. In the end if you ever have the chance, buy her album. If you need some convincing here are some links to her videos.

“Katy On a Mission”

“Lights On”

“Broken Record”


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