Top 10 Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Mortal Kombat has been sucking away more of my time than I’d like to admit. I can’t help that I think that the game is that damn good.
At the end of every match, given you don’t do this (don’t lie, you totally do), you get to pull off a rather disturbing and incredible fatality. I thought I’d use my many hours on the game to compile a list of my favorite fatalities in the game. While 95% of them are over the top and awesome, these are my personal favorites. Obviously these spoil what happens, so avert your gaze if you, like me, like to find these yourself.

10. Sub-Zero – Have An Ice Day

This fatality set the standard for me because this was the first finishing move I witnessed from the new game. Needless to say, I really liked it and knew it would become a favorite. A creative way to tear a torso off for sure.

9. Kano – Eat Your Heart Out

Kano has to keep his signature heart rip move, but here he added a cool twist to make it more memorable. Like all of the other moves here, this one got a good evil laugh out of me.

8. Shang Tsung – Bang Bang

Maybe not the most gruesome fatality, the huge middle finger to MK vs. DC makes this slot a bit higher. It makes me glad they returned to the blood and gore.

7. Raiden – Just a Scratch

While in the story mode, Raiden seems to be pretty kind and level headed. By watching this fatality, you’d think otherwise.

6. Sheeva – Stripped Down

Sheeva is my least favorite character so it saying something that her fatality is on the list. A definitely creative fatality.

5. Kratos – Blade of Olympus

Since Kratos fits so well into the universe, it is a given that his fatality would be awesome. It is, and it capitalizes Kratos brutality that isn’t limited to one franchise.

4. Sektor – Scarecrow

While this one was playing out on the first time, it looked a bit lame. I continued to watch and was utterly amazed at how cool this one turns out to be. Totally unexpected and a fantastic finisher to use.

3. Jade – Half Mast

I was in the room with my cousins when I first pulled this one off. All 3 of us kept shouting in joy at all the multiple steps taken in this fatality to make it one of the best in the game.

2. Ermac – Mind Over Splatter

Ermac is a cheap son of bitch to play against but I’ll be damned if his fatality isn’t amazing. Similar to Raiden’s Just a Scratch fatality, it takes the same principles but makes them cooler to watch.

1. Noob Saibot – Make a Wish

Hearing all the hubbub over this one, I had to check out Noob Saibot. This one makes a good use of Noob’s shadow and is the best fatality in the whole game.

There are a bunch of great ones that didn’t make the list, so if it didn’t make the list, chances are it is still phenomenal.

What are your favorites?


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