Snoop Dogg – “Doggumentary” Mini Review


While Snoop Dogg tries to stay relevant at age 39, music making has been hard for him. Coming off a couple hardly, if much, satisfying albums, Snoop has dropped the Doggumentary, which is supposed to be a follow up to Doggystyle, his debut. A lofty goal, as Doggystyle is a classic and is one of his best albums, but sequel or not, this isn’t a bad outing at all.

While it still strikes me as odd that he has a wife and kids and still raps about being in the streets and getting women, the music is still pretty good. Snoop has never stuck out for his lyrical prowess, and for good reason: they aren’t very good. There are some passable lines here and there but it’d be foolish to compare him to Ice Cube or Crooked I, but in Snoop Dogg’s case, it doesn’t matter a whole lot. His smooth OG voice and, although played out, lazy flow carry the album through each song.

Beats all around are solid, not falling into generic drum rhythms and boring bass lines. Mr. Porter, Kanye West, Lex Luger, Battlecat, and other big names supply production for this album and each bring different sounds to the table.
While annoying-as-hell auto-tune can’t keep its head lodged in its ass long enough to stay out of music, it is easy to skip over the one song that includes it.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a sequel to Doggystyle but it doesn’t need to be. Doggumentary can stand on its own two feet as a fine album without being compared to classic work. Snoop might have heightened expectations with a statement like that, but come into it with the feeling that it is another release from the Doggfather and you shouldn’t be disappointed.


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