Mac Miller – “Best Day Ever” Review


Mac Miller physically looks like he’d be more likely to be a skater than a rapper. Looks can be deceiving, as he is quite good at throwing down on the microphone. He hasn’t been in the public eye much, working the underground scene, but he is becoming more noticeable with each release. The Best Day Ever is a free release from Mac, and like a hamburger, it is well done.

Mac’s flow is what sticks out the most about him. Never missing a beat, he always keeps his words matching to the song. There words are also well above average (even though the bar drops daily), as his lyrics are unique and with clever similes and metaphors to match. He sings a majority of the choruses which can be hit or miss, but they all feed into his album’s unique style, good or mediocre.

Lyrics can be wasted if the production and beats are bad. Luckily, this isn’t a problem here. Whatever the theme of the song, the beat matches and, above all, sounds great. Melodies from strong producers like Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids, Just Blaze, and I.D. Labs all feed into the pool of great sounds present in the mix tape.

Mac Miller is someone to look out for. His unique delivery, thoughtful lyrics, and good beats all glue together to make a cacophony that is a great mix tape. It’s well worth the price of free, as it is sponsored. It might not be “The Best Mix Tape Ever” but it’s a damn good one.


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