Atmosphere – “Family Sign” Review

After dropping some great EP’s, Atmosphere is finally ready to release a new album. Atmosphere is known to drop his funky lyrics while not talking about killing everyone or selling drugs. A refreshing take for sure, his deep songs and present here and they come through. Slug really has a gift that few rappers have of painting a grim or happy picture in his words or making a scenario to make you want to listen to where it goes.

He definitely tells some sad stories, one involving a car crash victim and another displaying a case of an abused wife. There are some pretty tragic messages he displays but I appreciate it because music should display all sorts of emotions. That said, I would liked to have some more upbeat songs. In the past, he would rap about having a good life or how to look up to a better day and mix that in with his sad songs. It was well balanced. Here, only a couple tracks are what I’d consider more positive.

Positive or negative, all tracks are ranging from good to great. Ant supplies the beats for Slug to rap to, and said beats provide lots of piano and other instruments not usually seen in of hip hop. Combined with Slug’s distinct rap style and lyrics, Atmosphere’s music stands out from the crowd.

Family Sign isn’t Atmosphere’s best work, but it is a good album and still worth a listen. Don’t go into looking for Atmosphere’s magnum opus but if you just want a good album that sounds different from the jokers on the radio, you can’t go wrong with this.


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