The Origins of “Tebowing”


The Phantom’s Revenge “Stoned Ripped Twisted” Mix Download

This mix is awesome. It is very lengthy, so I if you don’t want to hear it all, I suggest downloading it, and listen in segments cause you won’t want to miss a thing.

Free Time

When you got free time utilize it. Being unemployed I find myself with a lot of free time. I was beginning to think “damn I don’t do shit!” As of 2 weeks almost 3, I’m becoming a monster. I’ve been finding out the capabilities and drive I really have. Everyone wants to do something or be like someone, when you free time, work on something that is going to benefit you. I always said to myself I’m going to do this and that but a lot of the times I wouldn’t. Something has gotten to me and now I’M A FUCKEN MONSTER! I have become infatuated with my performance and results, that now I WANT MORE!!!! And I will not stop until I reach perfection!
So when you got free time do something you want to do, if you do it enough and see results maybe that will make you do it more constantly.

Es El Funky Animale Love Mix

Un Nuevo Mix Para Todos!

Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer 3

I’m baaaaaaaaack and here is something new for everyone.

Ad Gannon – Space Snake

Florence and The Machine- Dog Days


Usher “Climax” Official Video

The day this song came out, I told people to not be surprised when it hits the radio. Now here is the video. Props to Diplo!

Converse “Glow in the Dark” Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse has recently released these new glow in the dark chucks. These are some dope shoes if your going out dancing. If you want to get yourself a pair they are available here for only 90$. With the link you can even customize them more.

Benga – I Will Never Change

Both are tits on Ritz.